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Shalaka Dabhekar, Madhura Dixit, Milind J Umekar, Krishna R Gupta*

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Nano-carriers for brain disorders targeting the blood brain barrier (BBB) crossing strategies

Review Article

Author Details : Shalaka Dabhekar, Madhura Dixit, Milind J Umekar, Krishna R Gupta*

Volume : 7, Issue : 4, Year : 2020

Article Page : 213-221

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The blood brain barrier (BBB) segregates the central nervous system from the systemic circulation nevertheless also retard the effective treatment of central nervous system diseases. Intrinsically, the BBB prevents contagions and pathogens by invade the brain, but also restraint the brain uptake of therapeutic molecules. The potentiality to treat central nervous system disorders is strongly limited by the poor access of many therapeutic agent to the target tissues, formed by a complex interplay of endothelial cells, astrocyte and pericytes and the cells are connected by tight junctions which express a variety of receptors, transporters, and pores which allow the penetration of specific substances from the blood into the CNS through which only selected molecules can passively diffuse to reach the brain. Nonetheless, under certain pathological conditions, the BBB is interrupted by allowing direct interaction between blood components and consequently, it plays a pivotal role in minimizing CNS toxin exposure, controlling immune–CNS communication, maintaining a low protein CNS environment, separating peripheral and CNS neuro- signals, and importantly, regulating ion homeostasis. At present, along with the structural and mechanistic manifestation of the BBB under physiological and pathological conditions it is feasible to design drug delivery systems that could cross the BBB adequately. This review focuses on strategies that influence such BBB disruption for delivering nano-carriers to the central nervous system with wider implementations and broader prospection the treatment of brain targeted therapy, nano-medicines have turn out to be more potent, more distinct and less toxic than traditional drug therapy.

Keywords: Nanocarriers CNS diseases, Blood brain barrier Interruption in BBB Nanoneurology.

How to cite : Dabhekar S, Dixit M , Umekar M J , Gupta K R , Nano-carriers for brain disorders targeting the blood brain barrier (BBB) crossing strategies. Indian J Pharm Pharmacol 2020;7(4):213-221

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