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Setara Akter Setu*, Rakibul Islam, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Fahima Binthe Aziz, A. S.M. Abu Saeed

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Effect of papaya leaves (Carica Papaya) suspension on Japanese quail (coturnix Japonica)

Original Article

Author Details : Setara Akter Setu*, Rakibul Islam, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Fahima Binthe Aziz, A. S.M. Abu Saeed

Volume : 5, Issue : 3, Year : 2018

Article Page : 141-145

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Introduction: The experiment was aimed to investigate (i) the comparative efficacy of papaya leaves suspension (PLS) and doxycycline on bacterial load and blood constituents on E. coli inoculated Japanese quail, (ii) the effect of PLS on live body weight, egg production and egg quality (Egg weight, egg shape index, shell plus membrane weight, shell plus membrane thickness, haugh unit, albumen index and yolk index) of Japanese quail.
Materials and Methods: 120 female Japanese quails ten days old were randomly assigned into four groups with three replications and grouped as control group (T0), E. coli treated group (T1), E. coli plus PLS (0.25%) treated group (T2) and E. coli plus doxacil-vet powder (1g/2lit) treated group (T3) for the aim (i). Ten days old 60 female Japanese quails were randomly assigned into two groups named T0 (control diet) and T1 (0.25% PLS) with three replications to fulfill the aim (ii).
Result: (i) microbial load significantly (P<0>2 & T3 group where significantly (P<0>0 and T1 group. TEC, Hb, PCV & ESR in different treatment groups were almost similar and the differences were statistically non-significant (P>0.05) except TLC which was statistically significant (P<0>2 group.
(ii) The body weight of T0 and T1 at 65th day were 164.95 and 182.32 g respectively which was statistically significant (P<0>0 and T1 group respectively which statistically significant (P<0>0.05).
Conclusion: It may concluded that papaya leaf (Carica papaya) suspension have antimicrobial effect and effect on blood constituents, growth performance and egg production of Japanese quail.

Keywords: Coturnix japonica, Carica papaya, E. coli, Hematology, Body weight and egg production.

How to cite : Setu S A, Islam R, Hasan M M, Aziz F B, Saeed A S A, Effect of papaya leaves (Carica Papaya) suspension on Japanese quail (coturnix Japonica). Indian J Pharm Pharmacol 2018;5(3):141-145

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