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Singh, Singh, Narang, and Mandal: Overview of novel coronavirus in Punjab

From December 2019 Covid -191 has been spreading throughout the world wide, reached in Punjab2 by travelling of people from internationally to national site on 9 March 2020 as first positive report with initial symptoms. The effected patient has observed with high fever, cough, and difficulty breathing (severe cases) symptoms.2 The data has been obtained from the Covid -19 Punjab website. More than 12 districts have been affected by this novel corona virus represent by pie graph as Figure 2. Punjab government is doing many efforts to tackle with this condition.

Methods for Prevention Suggested by W.H.O

Frequently washing your hands with soap water or using alcohol-based sanitizer rub kills viruses that might be on your hands. Maintaining the social distancing with person who is coughing or sneezing. The minimum distance should be least 1 meter (3 feet), this will prevent the entrance of virus via small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth. Medial help id required if the persons feel fever, cough and difficulty breathing. Reduction in Un-necessary movement confirmed decreases the chances of contact with infected person.3 Staying at home is a best method to prevention. Do the five stop the spread of corona virus as shown in Figure 1.

Specific Challenges

At present, limited specific data are available on the clinical characteristics and natural course of critically ill patients with COVID-19.4 The limited number of ventilators are available in the hospital.5 If the numbers of patient is increased in upcoming days, then it’s very difficult to provide the ventilators to each and every one. People are not following properly the rules given by W.H.O, it’s necessary to obey the rules of W.H.O to control the covid-19.

Figure 1

Methods for prevention suggested by W.H.O

Table 1

Ongoing vaccines against covid-19

Vaccines name Company/research group (Ref-6)
Fusogenix DNA vaccine Entos Pharmaceuticals
ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 University of Oxford
Gimsilumab Roivant Sciences
AdCOVID Altimmune
TJM2 by I Mab Biopharma
Coronavirus vaccine Medicago
AT-100  (rhSP-D) Airway Therapeutics
TZLS-501 Tiziana Life Sciences
OYA1 OyaGen
BPI-002 Beyond Spring
Intranasal Covid-19 vaccine Altimmune.
INO-4800 Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology
NP-120 (Ifenprodil) Algernon Pharmaceuticals
APN01 University of British Columbia and APEIRON Biologics
mRNA-1273 Moderna and Vaccine Research Center
Avian Coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) MIGAL Research Institute
TNX-1800 Tonix Pharmaceuticals
Brilacidin Innovation Pharmaceuticals
Recombinant subunit vaccine Clover Biopharmaceuticals
Linear DNA Vaccine DNA Sciences and Takis Biotech
INO-4700 (GLS-5300) Inovio in partnership with Gene One Life Science.

Table 2

Ongoing research of drug against COVID-19

Drug Company/research group(Ref-6)
Remdesivir (GS-5734) Gilead Sciences
Actemra Roche
Galidesivir Biocryst Pharma’s
SNG001 Synairgen Research
Amnio Boost Lattice Biologics

Vaccine/Drugs in Pipeline for Covid -19

The first COVID-19 vaccine in China is expected to be ready for clinical trials by the end of April. Health representative from WHO have noted that Gilead’s remdesivir has shown effectiveness in treatment of corona virus infection. By US FDA is approved Chloroquine as emergency drug in corona virus infection. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved partial urgent situation utilize for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 infection. In China Favilavir, the first approved drug for coronavirus.6

Pharmaceutical Companies/Research Institutes Involved in Developing Coronavirus Drugs/Vaccines

Various Pharmaceutical companies/research institutes are doing there effort to control the COVID-19. Here is a Table 1 and Table 2 of pharmaceutical companies across the world is developing drugs/vaccines against corona-virus.

Figure 2

Representation of corona virus effected active in Punjab from 9 December to 5 April data



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